muscle guy tied and naked

The strong, muscular guys are always a true joy to look at, and Mike Buffalari is definitely one of them. This guy looks like a Roman god, having a mass of muscles on every single part of his body, and this includes his meaty legs, his arms, and his arousing chest. Mike also has a cute face, and a combination of all these features make him a true dream for all of the gay men. This muscular guy has only one flaw – he’s not really careful.

As he was sitting in the armchair, wearing only his pants and looking a like a nice piece of juicy meat, Mike was talking with his gay lover on the cell phone. After the conversation was finished, he felt sleepy, and went for a bit of the old shut-eye. This was a terrible mistake – he was attacked by a mysterious guy who put a chloroform rag over his mouth, causing Mike to go unconscious.

When he woke up after a few hours, he was lying there on the floor, completely naked and tied up, unable to move, not even for a bit. He just couldn’t believe what was happening – how did he ever allow this to happen?!

At this point, his mysterious captor came in through the door, carrying a whip. He started whipping Mike’s muscles with the greatest passion, causing our guy to moan in what was actually a great pleasure. He never even thought that the gay bondage session can be so pleasurable and arousing, and decided to pretend that he’s asleep so that the captor can do to him whatever he wants! If you are into muscular gay videos, best place to check adult webcam gay sites, where You can watch thousands of videos like this FREE!